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    7th Grade Science

    Team 7-2

         Welcome to 7th grade Science! (Team 7-2) My name is Ms.Halal this is my 5th year in the district and at Hillcrest. It is my 10th year teaching 7th grade Science and I am very excited to continue working as part of the Hillcrest team. In addition to current hands-on lab practices, this year students will be challenged to work with chromebooks frequently to complete classwork and take quizzes. The links below will take you to Canvas for all assignments and Explore Learning for GIZMOS. 

     Class Syllabus

    PDF file link - click here

    Word file - click here


    English Language Learner Standards: Speaking and Listening

    Standard code


    Strand 1: LI -6

    • following multi-step instructions/ directions, procedures and processes which contain specific academic content vocabulary

    Strand 1: LI -8

    • responding to questions and statements in an academic discussion by using key vocabulary in complete sentences.

    Strand 1: B-9

    • determining main ideas and supporting details from content area presentations

    Strand 2: B-6

    • making predictions about academic content using complete sentences.
  • Lesson plans & Assignments -

     All assignments and lessons are found on CANVAS. They are grouped by date and topic weekly. The most recent week is at the top of the CANVAS screen. Assignments are available for 2 weeks. Any paper assignments are available in class at the front of the room and are to be turned into the "TURN IT IN" bin on the due date.

     Materials needed - 

    • a composition notebook or binder with a section of loose leaf paper for science notes
    • a pencil
    • scotch tape

    Any other supplies are welcome but not required. 

  • Classwork website links:


    Used by all students to access assignments, Discovery Education, and notes.

     link - click here


    Explore Learning

    Used for GIZMOS (interactive science animations).

    link - click here


  • Contact Information: 

    If you need to contact me, please feel free to send me an e-mail at christine.halal@dvusd.org,

    or call and leave a message at 623-376-3386.