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    I am very excited for the 2020-2021 school year. It will have a lot of new challenges but also a lot of opportunities for growth! 
    So no worries! I got you! There is one thing I need you to do:
    Please get a 1 subject, college ruled notebook. That will be for my class and my class only!
    Government/POS110 students, you just need one.
    AJS students, if you want to be prepared, get two (one for each semester)


    Most of the information for my class is on Canvas

    It is also always a good idea to keep track of your grades on Powerschools

     My office hours are by appointment.

    It is always suggested that students check with me, in case I have a meeting.

    Class Schedule
    Period   Class Name
    1st        Government
    2nd   Dual POS 110
    3rd   Government
    4th   Dual AJS 101/AJS 210
    5th   Lunch
    6th   Prep
    7th   Dual AJS 101/ AJS 210

    MTSS Canvas Enrollment 2019-2020