•  Welcome to Lu Lao Shi's  Class

    In this class, you will be learning Math, Science and Mandarin language. We will be using EUREKA for Math class and FOSS for Science class. In Mandarin class, we will be focusing on listening, speaking reading and writing.
    I will be fun and a lot of things to learn!

    Mission Statement –

    Gavilan Peak Global Leadership Academy is committed to providing a world class education in a positive learning community while preparing ALL students to learn, lead, and create.


    Class Schedule

    Per. 1

    Math                                                 8:15-9:05

    Specials                                           9:10-9:55

    R.T.I                                                 9:55-10:35

    Mandarin                                        10:35-11:10


    Per. 2

    Mandarin                                        11:10-11:40

    Lunch                                              11:40-12:20

    Math                                                12:20-1:25


    Per. 3

    Mandarin                                           1:25-2:05

    Math                                                  2:05-3:00