• US History--Mr. Cross

     Email-- Uriah.cross@dvusd.org
    Telephone number--623-445-7279
    Office hours--Monday 7:00-7:30 (Room 719)
                          Wednesday 2:17-3:17 (Room 719)
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st       7:35-8:32 AP US History
    2nd 8:37-9:39 AP US History
    3rd 9:44-10:41 US/AZ History
    6th 12:18-1:15 US/AZ History
    7th 1:20-2:17 US/AZ History

     Brief Descriptions of Classes:
    AP United States History
    This course prepares students to take the Advanced Placement Examination.  This course includes analysis of major events in United States and Arizona history from the colonial period to the present.  Class requirements may include summer readings and projects.  Enrolled students are expected to take the AP exam.
    PREREQUISITE--Placement Criteria
    United States History
     This course is a general study on the history of the United States from roughly 1491 to the present.  Class requirements include note taking, readings, interpretations of primary and secondary documents, political cartoons, and charts.