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    Where in the world is Ms. Fleegle?!?!
     Ms Fleegle You can locate me on Canvas!
    Parents, click here to set up a Parent Account
    --->  CANVAS
    Need help? Click Here for a Tutorial on how to set up your parent account. 
    Here are steps to eliminate any glitches:
    1. Use a computer, not an iPad or phone
    2. Use the Chrome browser
    3. Have your child login to Canvas in Chrome: dvusd.instructure.com
    4. Click "Account" (top left)
    5. Click "Settings
    6. Click "Pair with Observer" (bottom right)
    7. Copy the pairing code (make sure you do not accidentally copy any spaces before or after the code)
    8. Log out of your child's account (Click "Account" top right, then "Logout"
    9. Click "Parent of a Canvas User?" (top right of the login box)
    10. Setup Parent account with your information.

     Click Here for a detailed list of all Class/Bell Schedules