Week of May 13th, 2019

    Important Updates:


    5/16 Kindergarten program at 5:30

    5/20 4th grade Wax Museum

    5/21 8th grade promotion dance

    5/22 8th grade promotion at 6:30

    5/23 Last day of School - Early Release 12:05pm


    Important Reminders:


    • EARBUDS  are a necessity for students while using technology. Please be sure to have your child’s pair labeled in a Ziploc bag daily in their backpacks.
    • Please continue to stay updated with your student’s grades on PowerSchools.



    This week in 5th Grade:


    ELA:  Book reports were due on Monday (5/13) and will be presented in class this week.  On Monday, students were assigned a poetry booklet and a grammar packet that are both due on Friday.  Students have lots of time this week to work on these assignments in class, but some may still need to take them home to finish.  There is also one final reading journal entry due on Friday, May 17th.


    Math: Students are closing out the school year with a Dream House Project while they apply their 5th grade math skills. No Homework this week.


    Science:  Our current unit is Mixtures and Solutions. We will learn the properties and changes in matter. Please send back the 2 Science Safety pages signed by you and your student so we can begin investigations. Have your student show you Chem4kids.com and EXPLORE! Retakes for the quiz were 5/10 with a completed and signed Retake Form.


    Social Studies: Students are learning about The Constitution, branches of government, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence.  Earbuds are needed for this each day. Please ensure your student has them. Join our class Twitter page-  AN_Erath, @erath_s. Retakes for The Constitution quiz were  5/10 with a completed and signed Retake Form.  Government re take is this Thursday with a signed and completed Retake Request Form. Students had their Government packets (study guide), workbook and vocab to study for the test.        



Last Modified on May 15, 2019