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    Welcome back! 
    Welcome! I look forward to the upcoming school year. 
    Here is our current schedule (specials included)

    Erath Homeroom schedule TBD




    Donations Requested (thank you for your continued support!) 
    Dry erase markers
    pre sharpened pencils
    prize drawer items
    Miss Erath C116 
    Please check your student's agenda each night! 

    Attendance. Please call by 9am

     *If your student missed class, is ill or did not complete notes/ assignment or homework in class, they are expected to catch up with a buddy and our agenda board in class. A m (missing) in the grade book = missing with 1/2 credit until the assignment is completed and turned in for full credit.

    A full reflection is expected with notes. 


Last Modified on July 26, 2020