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    Welcome back! 
    Welcome! I look forward to the upcoming school year. 
    Here is our current schedule (specials included)

    Erath Homeroom schedule

    845-10 Math

    10-10:15 recess

    10:15-11 Specials

    11-12 ELA (part 1)

    12-12:45 lunch and recess

    12:45-1:30 ELA (part 2)

    1:30-2:15 Social Studies

    2:15-2:45 Science 

    2:45-3:30 WIN 



    Donations Requested (thank you for your continued support!) 
    Dry erase markers
    pre sharpened pencils
    prize drawer items
    I am the Junior Achievement Coordinator at Anthem School. We value our volunteers. Please see your student's teacher to sign up!
    Visit JA's website here : http://www.jaaz.org/
    Miss Erath C116 
    Please check your student's agenda each night! 

    Attendance:  623-376-3790 Please call by 9am

    2017-18 Supply List - available copies in classroom, please email me. 
     *If your student missed class, is ill or did not complete notes/ assignment or homework in class, they are expected to catch up with a buddy and our agenda board in class. A m (missing) in the grade book = missing with 1/2 credit until the assignment is completed and turned in for full credit.

    A full reflection is expected with notes. 


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