Welcome to Eighth Grade Math
    Computer Applications!
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    Students will need a 1inch (or bigger if they prefer) 3 ring binder for math class along with pencils, highlighters, expo markers.
    In Math students will be heading into Module 5. Click Here for a newsletter for Module .
    Each student will be provided with a student copy of Module 4. If your student happens to loose their math binder, they may download and print a new one Click Here
    I will also attach the Teacher Edition of Module 5 so students may check their homework, exit ticket answers and also have further explanations of the lesson we covered in class due to being absent or needing further assistnace once getting home. You may download/save the Teacher Edition of Module 5.
     Too much copying down.
    Computer Applications:
    Students will spend half of the class learning to type correctly on a keyboard following a typing program. Te prgram breaks down typing into mini-lessons these lessons will be for a grade. Along with typing, students will learn how to meanuver and create power points, excel spreadsheets and word documents.
    Eighth Grade Math Schedule
    1st Period  8:45-9:30 Computer Applications
    2nd Period  9:30-10:30 8th Math
    3rd Period  10:30-11:30 8th Math
     4th Period  11:30-12:00  Lunch
    Lunch 12:00-12:45 WIN
    RTI 12:45-1:45 8th Math
    6th Period 1:47-2:45 8th Math
    7th Period 2:45-3:30 Prep



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