• Parking
    All students must maintain passing grades or risk losing their parking privileges.
    STUDENT PARKING REGULATIONS (More information can be found in the parking application)
    **Only Seniors and Juniors are permitted to park on campus** Seniors will get first priority in purchasing parking permits.

    Students may only park in their assigned, designated spot.

    1. Students will be assigned a numbered parking space. For students that carpool, both students will be assigned the same spot. Students are responsible for arranging the schedule of which vehicle will occupy the assigned space.
    2. Parking Permits must be properly displayed (inside, lower driver’s side window) in the vehicle for which it was assigned.
    3. If a student has a parking permit and then decides to car pool with another student – both students need to see security to switch to a car pool space if available.
    4. A student may not give, sell, or loan his/her assigned parking space/Parking Permit to another student, including siblings. This will result in the revocation of both students parking privileges. Security will reassign the space.
    5. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for a lost, stolen or mutilated parking tag.
    6. Between 6:30 am and 2:30 pm students must park in the student lot. The Performing Arts lot and Staff lot are OFF LIMITS TO STUDENTS. Parking in these lots will result in a suspension of parking privileges or other disciplinary action. You cannot park in front of the GYM, Administration building, or Performing Arts lot before 2:30 pm for any reason. Doing so will result in disciplinary action.
    7. Students must follow proper sign-out procedures when leaving early. You will need to be signed out by a Parent/Guardian at the front desk prior to exiting the lot.
    8. Displaying a permit in a vehicle other than the one assigned to that space may result in suspension or revocation of parking privileges.
    9. Once a parking permit is issued, there will be no refunds.
    10. Students who lose parking privileges due to discipline or poor standing will not receive a refund.
    11. NO LOITERING in the parking lots, in or out of the vehicle.
    12. Searches of vehicles will take place whenever a school official has reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons or unauthorized person/persons are contained within the vehicle.
    13. All accidents in the parking lot must be reported IMMEDIATELY to security and an incident report must be filed.
    14. Students who park in the lot may not go to their vehicle or be in the lot during school hours. THIS INCLUDES LUNCH AND BETWEEN CLASSES. Violations will result in suspension of your parking privileges. There will be NO warning for first time offense.
    15. Park at Your Own Risk. O’Connor High School and/or its personnel is not responsible for personal property, theft, loss or damage to vehicles and property.
    16. No Derogatory stickers, drawings, or writing are allowed to be displayed on vehicles – Ex: 187, 602, silhouettes of naked women, symbols of alcohol products, drugs, weapons, obscene language, etc.
    17. When an alternate vehicle is driven to school, the student must notify security before parking. Failure to do so may result in suspension of parking privileges.
    18. If a vehicle is parked in your assigned space – please see security before parking your vehicle.
    19. Because of limited parking spaces, parking permits will be offered to Seniors and Juniors. Past parking violations and discipline may be taken into account when assigning parking permits.
    The Parking Application needs to include all of the following readable documents:
    1. Current Student I.D. (photocopy)
    2. Valid Arizona Driver’s License (No permits accepted - photocopy)
    3. Current Arizona Vehicle Registration (for all vehicles listed - photocopy)
    4. Current Proof of Insurance (for all vehicles listed - photocopy) 
    Please note:
    - If you have any outstanding debts in the bookstore or on your lunch account, these must be paid prior to receiving a parking permit.  All debt must be cleared before consideration for a parking spot. - UPON NOTIFICATION OF RECEIVING A SPACE - PLEASE PAY AT THE BOOKSTORE AND BRING A COPY OF RECEIPT TO THE SECURITY OFFICE (Checks should be made out to: O’Connor High School).
    - Application packets must be returned to the Conduct Office/Security Office ONLY.
    • Any other staff or office personnel will not accept packets.
    • Parking spaces will be assigned via a lottery system (seniors first, followed by juniors).
    • All students must remain in good standing or risk having their parking privileges suspended or revoked.  
    ***** Parking permits/parking spaces are property of O’Connor High School. *****