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       Hello and thank you all for visiting our class website.  Most of our business will be conducted through Canvas, but some fun info and updates will still be found here.  
         I hope everyone is doing well and is looking forward to the most unique school year that we have ever had.  As you know we will be beginning the year online which is not optimal, but the safest option at this point in time.  I understand that there are many situations out ther right now that will provide for a challenging year to say the least.  The best thing we can all do is just stay as engaged as possible, so that we can get the most of our current situation.
         I look forward to meeting everyone and introducing myself and our content this year.  As far as the scheule goes, we will be running a schedule A and B for the duration of our time while in the virtual classroom model.  We will be alternating daily between schedule A and B.  For example: Monday we will run schedule A and then Tuesday we will run schedule B and will continue alternating from there.  I will post the schedule for August on the calendar tab on our class website.
    It is very important for us all to stay as connected as possible in a normal school year, but communication is even more important this year than ever before.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time please email me.  I always say that my time is not limited to parent teacher conferences in the fall and spring.  I am always happy to meet before or after school if needed.  Given our current situation we can't do that physically, but I would be happy to set up a virtual conference.
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    Class Name
     1  8:45 - 9:46 Prep
    2 9:49 - 10:42 Science
    3 10:45 - 11:16 DSS
    * 11:16 - 11:46 LUNCH
    4 11:49 - 12:46 Science
    5 12:49 - 1:42   Science
    6 1:45 - 2:36 Science
    7 2:39 - 3:30 Science