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     Chemistry Class Description

    My name is Diane Hubbard and I have been teaching high school chemistry for over 32 years.  I have been teaching for long because I love what I do.  I love working with my students and I am passionate about education and chemistry.          
    Chemistry is a math based lab class that will cover the composition of materials.  Areas covered include the basic structure of atoms,  how atoms combine to produce molecules, and how symbols and formulas are used to write chemical equations and predict quantity of product and reactants produced or reacted.  A strong background in Algebra 1-2 is a requirement for chemistry.
    Chemistry may be a challenge for some.  I encourage my students to persevere.  I believe in my students and will be available to assist them as they work through the curriculum.
    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
    1st      Prep
    2nd Chemistry
    3rd Chemistry
    4th Lunch
    5th  Chemistry Honors
    6th  Chemistry
    7th Chemistry Honors