Mrs. Thelander - Room 408


    7th and 8th Grade Math 180 and Read 180 will be graded on a 1-4 scale for Quarter 2. Considerations for grading include: appropriate participation in class, completion of software minutes, progress on the software program and progress on the Math Inventory or Reading Inventory. To earn a 4, a student MUST be demonstrating a high level of proficiency for an Intervention class, such as: meeting grade level proficiency on the Inventory Screener or regularly completing extra software minutes at home. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
    To contact me:
    Preferred method - email - noelle.thelander@dvusd.org
    I do check my email regularly throughout the day!
     Phone: 623-445-8252
    *Note - the phone will not ring during the instructional day; you will have to leave a voicemail. 
    Wondering how to get on Dreambox??? Go to start.dvusd.org - click on the Portal. Have your child log in to the Portal. In the bottom left corner, you'll see an orange box that says "more." When you click that, you should see the Dreambox Icon.


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