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  • Welcome to Choir at Sunset Ridge!

    My Name is Mrs. Corinne Gray and I teach K-6 General Music & 3-8 Grade Choir.

    I am excited to be part of the Sunset Ridge Team.  My first and foremost goal is to help each student find their musical Voice!

    We treat music as a language at Sunset Ridge and while my goal is to keep students engaged and driven towards a love of music; our true goal is mastery and literacy of musical concepts.

    Our chorus program has three outstanding groups to choose from...

    • Morning Choir (3-5 Graders, Tuesdays 7:40-8:30 AM)
    • Grade 6 Treble Choir
    • Middle School Concert Choir: Treble and Mixed

    All groups are structured to immerse children in a program that emphasizes technique, style, sight reading, and musicianship; but as always we have one overarching goal in any music program at Sunset Ridge...

    "helping students make connections between the music we make at school and the music they encounter in the world."