• Studying Science  5th Grade Science and Social Studies with Ms. Ditmer

    Welcome to 5th Grade!
    I am excited to start the 2017-2018 school year!  In my classroom, you will be learning both science and social studies.
     All students will no longer be "students." They will become scientists. I believe science should be mostly hands on.  Students will experience science, not just learn it!
    We will begin the year with science safety, space, scientific method, and variables.  As the year progresses we will study mixtures and solutions, and the human body.
    Social Studies
    50 States Club - Students have opportunity to be members of a club when they can correctly identify states on a map. See the links below for games to practice!
    Login in below using your district username and password to access the United States History textbook online:
    type mindy.garcia@dvusd.org in the email address field and click "Go."
    Find your period and click on it. Then find your name on the list.