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    PE Welcome Back Meet the Teacher Videos




     SOAR Matrix For Online Learning




    7th Grade 8:45-9:25 

    8th Grade 9:30-10:10

    5th Grade 10:15-11

    6th Grade 11-11:45

    4th and 1st Grade 12:15-1pm

    Kinder and 2nd Grade 2-2:45pm

    3rd Grade 2:45-3:30pm

    Early Release Schedule "Fridays"

    7th Grade 8:45-9:20

    8th Grade 9:20-9:55

    5th Grade 9:55-10:30

    6th Grade 10:30-11:05

    4th and 1st Grade 12:15-12:50

    Kinder and 2nd Grade 12:50-1:25

    3rd Grade 1:25-2pm


    Zoom Meeting Links

    Zoom meeting ID's and passwords are located in your grade level canvas classroom as an announcement, or for k-6 use your zoom link in canvas in the menu on the left side of your screen. Our zoom meetings will be the first few minutes of class.



    Canvas Website Link





    Online Expectations


    1.) Be on time

    2.) mute your mic when you join class and use the chat box for asking questions

    3.) Participate and ask questions as needed

    4.) Complete work assignments on time

    5.) Get outside and be active as much as possible

    6.) For k-6 students know what day of the schedule rotation we are on and what special you should have on each day.