• Algebra 3-4 and Geometry

    Algebra 3-4
    This course includes the study of algebraic expressions, functions and relations, systems of equations and inequalities including compound inequalities, exponential and logarithmic equations, polynomial, rational, radical and exponential functions as well as the graphs of absolute value and piece-wise functions. Success in this course will prepare students for entry into Precalculus, college algebra, college math, trigonometry, or probability and statistics. 
    Geometry 1-2 
    This course deals with plane and solid geometry as well as transformational geometry and their applications. Geometry will be studied from an algebraic and non-algebraic perspective, including strategies on geometric proofs. 
    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
    1st       Prep
    2nd  Algebra 3-4
    3rd  Algebra 3-4
    4th  Geometry 1-2
    5th  Geometry 1-2
    6th  Algebra 3-4