• Algebra 3/4

    Algebra 3/4
    This course includes the study of algebraic expressions, functions and relations, systems of equations and inequalities including compound inequalities, exponential and logarithmic equations, polynomial, rational, radical and exponential functions, as well as the graphs of absolute values and piece-wise functions. Success in this course will prepare students for entry into Precalculus, college algebra, college math, trigonometry, or probability and statistics. 
    Algebra 1/2

    By the time the student completes this course of study, the student will know or be able to use algebra to model data through the study of functions, make connections between algebraic, graphical, and tabular models, solve, write and graph linear, quadratic, and absolute value functions and inequalities, explore the properties of exponents and roots, use and apply operations and factoring of polynomials, and explore and identify patterns in the form of sequences and series.  Success in this course will prepare students for entry into Geometry and Algebra 3/4


    Room # E212
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    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
    1st            Algebra 1/2
    2nd       Algebra 3/4
    3rd       Algebra 3/4
    4th       Lunch
    5th       Algebra 1/2

          Algebra 3/4


          Algebra 3/4