• All AZ schools are closed for the reminder of the school year.

    Starting April 6, 2020 our school will be providing online learning. 

    I will be providing lessons/assignments through Canvas for students to access.  All students should be able to use their school google account as their username and their lunch code as password to sign on to Canvas. If they have any problem, please feel free to contact me through e-mail.

    I will check my e-mails daily, please feel free to contact me through e-mails (wenchin.yao@dvusd.org) with any questions.

    Parents, please continue to check DVUSD website/email for any updates!


    Ms. Yao's Class - Room 129 (Computer Lab)

    Learning Center

    1. To improve students' social/emotional and communication skills with others;
    2. To provide academic support with 7th / 8th grades students
    2. To provide specialized instructions to improve students' academic skills.
    Student expectation: Be kind and be respectful to others