Hillcrest Library/Media Center

    Hillcrest Library/Media Center
    My name is Michelle Vanegas and this is my second year as the library clerk at Hillcrest. I am also the 7th Grade Girls Volleyball Coach this year. I have worked five wonderful years for the Deer Valley School District!  I have been at Hillcrest Middle School since November 2016.  Middle school has become my favorite group of kids!  Middle schoolers can be completely different from day to day. I enjoy getting to know their passions, humor, and who they are as individuals. I love to plan kindness projects in the library where the students can get involved and really celebrate teachers, staff members, and other students!  

    Why have I decided to be the library clerk at Hillcrest?  I grew up reading Judy Blume books at an early age, becoming obsessed!  My love for books have continued to grow, as I frequent the Peoria Library with my four children, once a week!  I read the books your children are reading, so I can see what excites them!  I want to be able to suggest the best books for the students if they are unsure of what books or authors they are interested in.  I believe it is never to late to get children excited for reading!   

          The Library/Media Center (LMC) hours are 8:00AM-3:15PM for students to come in to do research, homework, check out books, or just read. The LMC has over 11,000 items for you to explore! Sometimes I am open longer, so if your student needs to stay longer just have them talk to me. I am flexible.
          All students and teachers are welcome. 
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