•  Academic Lab - Study Skills

    Due to the Meet the Teacher Night being cancelled, I want to let all parents know they can contact me anytime to discuss the class and their student. I can be reached at 623-445-7179 or emailed at marc.mur@dvusd.org. I look forward to speaking with you!


    Course Mission Statement:

    The mission of this Academic Lab is to provide students the opportunity to become successful, lifelong learners.


    Course Target Learning Goals:

    The goals of this course are for students to develop and expand the study skills necessary for a successful high school career.  


    Course Description:

    This course is designed to assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties and who would benefit from study skills instruction, peer tutoring and group activities and discussion.


    Course Objectives:

    ·          Develop and maintain a positive attitude towards learning.

    ·          Acquire and utilize study skills necessary to be a successful student.

    ·          Track and maintain grade progress in all classes.

    ·          Choose and reach realistic goals for week/month/semester.

    ·          Understand how education is essential for lifetime success.

    Class Schedule
    Class Name
     7:45-8:40 Academic Advisor (no class)
    2nd 8:45-9:45
     Academic Lab
    3rd 9:50-10:45
     Academic Lab
    4th 10:50-11:45
    Academic Advisor (no class)
    5th 11:45-12:15
     Academic Lab