• Ms. Britnee Abrams



    I believe that my students should appreciate the importance of change over time and the importance of the context of history.

    They will have the opportunities to understand primary and secondary historical sources. Be able to participate in group and individual projects, as well as speak from and defend alternate viewpoints and come up with compelling conclusions.

    My students should leave class with an understanding of not only the content, but why it is essential to learn about history.

    I will use the knowledge of our past to challenge my students to understand all sides of history and respect how it has led to where we are today.

    I am excited to lead you (your student) through this journey into the history of our Country and our world. With my help, I hope to intill a passion into understanding the trials and tribulations that made the world around us, well the world around us, as it stands.


    Betwen Canvas, this website, and the classroom calendar, which is located in all three places, there should be nothing less than your (your student's) ultimate best. 


    Best way to reach me is through email: britnee.abrams@dvusd.org


    Office Hours:

    Tuesdays: Before School 

    Thursdays: After School 

    FLEX Thursdays


           Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      7:30-8:27 US/AZ History
    2nd 8:32-9:34 US/AZ History
    3rd 9:39-10:36    PREP
    4th 10:36-11:06


    5th 11:11-12:08 US/AZ History
    6th 12:13-1:10 US/AZ History
    7th 1:15-2:12 US/AZ History
    FLEX Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      7:30-8:20 US/AZ History
    2nd 8:25-9:15 US/AZ History
    FLEX 9:20-10:02 FLEX
    3rd 10:07-10:57


    4th 10:57-11:27 LUNCH
    5th 11:32-12:22 US/AZ History
    6th 12:27-1:17 US/AZ History
    7th 1:22-2:12 US/AZ History
     Early Release Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      7:30-8:12 US/AZ History
    2nd 8:17-9:04 US/AZ History
    3rd 9:09-9:51    PREP
    4th 9:51-10:21


    5th 10:26-11:08 US/AZ History
    6th 11:13-11:55 US/AZ History
    7th 12:00-12:42 US/AZ History