• Welcome to the Stetson Hill's Student Council Website!
    Student Council is a club that encourages and allows students to take on a leadership role on our campus. Our members come together to make Stetson Hills a positive environment. The purpose of Student Council is to promote good citizenship in the student body, to assist in school affairs and activities, and to help raise awareness for various issues. 
    StuCo: Homeroom elections for grades 4-8 will be week of 8/14. First meeting is 8/25 at 8:00.
    Here is the rest of the 2023-24 schedule:

    Date and Time

    Friday 1/12

    Friday 8/25

    Friday 1/26

    Friday 9/8

    Friday 2/2

    Friday 9/22

    Friday 2/23

    Friday 10/6

    Friday 3/8

    Friday 10/20

    Friday 3/23

    Friday 11/3

    Friday 4/26

    Friday 11/17

    Tuesday 4/30

    Friday 12/1

    Monday 5/13

    Thursday 12/14

    Wednesday 5/8 End of Year Party 3:30-4:30