• Academic content standards indicate what students should know and be able to do at each grade level by the end of the school year. The purpose of DVUSD's reporting system is to provide parents, teachers, and students with accurate information about students' progress toward meeting content standards in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. By monitoring the concrete skills listed on the report card, we will know whether all students are exposed to the same curriculum and learn what they should in each grade. You will be more aware of what your child should know and be able to do by the end of each grade level.
    How do standards reporting report cards differ from traditional report cards?
    On traditional report cards, students receive one grade for math, one for reading, one for writing, one for science, and one for social studies. On a standards reporting report card, these subject areas are divided into the knowledge and skills that students are responsible for learning. In addition to the traditional grade, students receive and achievement mark for each standard. The achievement mark indicates a child's progress toward meeting specific grade level standards. Student proficiency is reported separately from his or her effort. 
    How does the standards reporting report card measure my child's progress?
    In addition to an overall letter grade for mathematics, reading writing, science and social studies,  you will see four performance levels for the standards assessed during each grading period. Performance levels include:
    4- Demonstrates above grade level proficiency independently
    3- Demonstrates grade level proficiency independently
    2- Demonstrates grade level proficiency with support
    1- Demonstrates below grade level proficiency with support
    How is my child's progress measured?
    With a standards reporting approach, teachers evaluate student learning using classroom observation, student's classroom work and formative and summative assessments. The combination of these pieces of evidence, when reviewed with you, provide a more detailed picture of your child's progress. It describes what the student can do and to what degree. This in turn leads to identification of current and future learning goals for students. 
    How can I see my child's progress toward meeting grade level standards?
    Deer Valley parents have online access to their child's gradebook through PowerSchool. You are encouraged to stay up to date on your child's academic progress. Information on creating a PowerSchool login can be found at https://ps.dvusd.org/public/
    More information about grading and reporting can be found in the DVUSD Promotion, Retention, and Grading (PRAG) handbook.