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    Welcome to Room B-107’s Classroom Home Page 


    We will be providing weekly online and paper calendars called "Peek at the Week" to keep you updated on academics, testing dates and other important news and events.


    I Am Looking Forward to an AMAZING Year of Learning and Fun! 

        Welcome to 5th Grade Math! I am excited to work with you throughout this school year. It is hard to believe the new school year is already here. We will start the year off learning about one another, our classroom expectations and procedures, and our school-wide responsibilities. We will do this by engaging in team-building activities that help us find others in the class who have similar likes and interests, as well as learn from others by sharing our different ways of thinking about and solving problems. We will truly form a community in our classroom that is respectful, engaging to all students, and promotes a safe learning environment in which all students are participating in their education at their highest potential.

     The focus in this classroom is on Math and Problem Solving Skills. I plan many fun and engaging activities and love to have students work as partners and teams to participate in the lessons in a mode of learning that is unique to each student. 

     Thank you in advance for your support in your child's academic career. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of it!


    Ms. Woodward

    Candy.Woodward@dvusd.org (best way to contact me)



    homework is great practice.  HOMEWORK: 

     Math:   Students will have math homework almost nightly and should be writing it down in their agendas. This keeps you informed and them responsible. It goes along with the lesson they learned that day and they are expected to give it their best effort each time. Sometimes it will simply be a Reflection Question such as, "Explain the pattern in the Place Value Chart." Students would then write to explain and be prepared to share the following day. Please use the homework help link under "Other Resources" for video help or the DVUSD Math Resources Link to the left for a variety of other useful math resources.  If they are unable to complete it, that is OK, as long as they try. Have your child “teach” you as best they can. This will serve to solidify new learning and retention. 
    Science: There will rarely, if ever be homework in Science. 


       It is crucial in 5th grade and students are expected to already know their basic math facts (times tables). If they do not know them, they need to practice nightly until they do. We will go over strategies for practicing and students will receive a handout with helpful tips.

     You can support your child best by creating a specific spot for them to always use for studying and doing homework, keeping it as fun as possible and allowing him/her short breaks if needed. We want to try and avoid frustration and other negative feelings.   Please limit video game time and ensure he/she receives a good night's sleep. Sticking to a reasonable bedtime and waking schedule  is so important. Once established, your child may begin waking up on his or her own without your help or before the alarm clock sounds. How nice would that be? Additionally, they will be far more engaged in learning. 



    Class Schedule
    Times Class Name
    8:30-8:45 Breakfast
    8:45 - 9:30 Specials
    9:30-10:00 Math Intervention
     11:30 - 12:15  Science
     12:15 - 12:45  Lunch/Recess
    12:45-1:30  Social Studies         
    1:30-3:00 Language Arts
    3:00-3:30  L/A Intervention 
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