• Welcome to the Physics Club Website!
    In the Physics Club we include additional chemistry activities as well as physics activities. We will keep you informed through this website about our club and what we do. Come join us on Thursdays before school (at 6:45 AM) in room #109.
    Right now we are finishing up of periodic table circuit board project. Once complete we will have a quiz type board for the entire periodic table.
    Previous project completed are a human sun dial, marble roller coaster, water glass train sound track, and various hands-on labs we completed as a group. Come enjoy the fun!
  • Officers 2020 - 2021 School Year:

    President - Brendan Ma

    VP - Logan Ryder

    Treasurer - Connor Brown

    Secretary - Jordan Dunn


    Officers 2019 - 2020 School Year:

    President - Alex Sanchez

    VP - Kaitlin Brown

    Treasurer - Timothy Boleratzky

    Secretary - Oliver Boleratzky


  • Officers 2018 - 2019 School Year:

    President - Jared Brown

    VP - MiJin Choe

    Treasurer - Marcus Wieser

    Secretary - Kaitlin Brown


    Officers 2017 - 2018 School Year:

    President - Justin Ferris

    VP - Khloe Leon

    Treasurer - MiJin Choe

    Secretary - Jared Brown


    Officers 2016 - 2017 School Year:

    President - Kimmee Blakeney

    VP - Justin Ferris

    Treasurer - Alyson Schwartz

    Secretary - Daniel Axlid


    Officers 2015 - 2016 School Year:

    President - Cady Florschutz

    VP - Justin Ferris

    Treasurer - Mason Parrish

    Secretary - Kimmee Blakeney


    Officers 2014 - 2015 School Year:

    President - Sabrina Balyan

    VP - Angel Gutierrez

    Treasurer - Rose Pinette

    Secretary - James Plogman

    Honorary Officer - Daemin Ward


    Officers 2013 - 2014 School Year:

    President - Jonathon Gardner 

    VP - Sabrina Balyan

    Treasurer - Adriana Fristch

    Secretary - Sanar Abidali


    Previous Club Officers with another advisor.

  • Please consider making a tax credit donation to Deer Valley High School PhySci Club. Whether your child is in school or not, you can take advantage of the credit.  Everybody wins. You gain a tax credit and the school of your choice gains up to $400. Donations help students participate in extracurricular activities and events that enrich their education and provide them with valuable life experiences.

  • To stay even more informed, please stop by Mrs. Blakeney's room to get the Remind code. She will send out mass text messages to remind members of upcoming events and/or any changes that come up. (To sign up for the Remind text messages - text "@physicsclb" to #81010)
    You can contact me by leaving a message at my school phone number, 602-467-6804 but I recommend contacting me by email at donna.blakeney@dvusd.org.