• 8th Grade Social Studies with Ms. Conklin



    Welcome to the home of the 8-1 Fox Falcons.

    Here is your student's core team teachers and their websites:

    Mr. Wade - Math  https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/5626

    Mrs. Quinn - Science https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/4522

    Mrs. Morrison - ELA   https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/4762


    I am Mrs. Conklin and your student's Social Studies teacher and 8-1 Team Leader.

    The 8th grade Social Studies program focuses on the study of American History and Civics Education/Government. We will begin our studies emphasizing the historical foundations and democratic principles that framed our Constitution and led to our form of Government and conclude with the present day (contemporary) history.

    Students will be receiving a balance of direct instruction (textbook, primary sources, resource books, videos, notes), exploration (individual/group research), and cooperative learning (Kagan structures).  The information will be assessed by quizzes, tests, projects, and presentations. At Hillcrest, grades are weighted. Assessments are worth 60% of the grade, classwork, bellwork, projects, participation and organization are worth 40%. It is very important that all work is completed to ensure a good grade. 

    Students tend to be more successful when they come to class prepared. Students daily will need to have their student planner, social studies notebook, and pen/pencil. Regular attendance should be a priority to you, assignments and lessons missed due to absenteeism often are a major cause of poor performance. Students have been shown, step by step, the actions they need to take to get work when they have missed a school day.

    Thank you in advance,
    Shannon Conklin