• Safe Schools Plan
    When the news breaks that an emergency is taking place at a school, every parent's first reaction is to rush to the campus to pick up his or her child. The fact is, numerous parents arriving at a school at the same time can increase the risk to students. Here are some tips for parents when an emergency occurs on or near a Deer Valley campus.
    • Check this website's home page for updated information.
    • Know to which location your campus will evacuate. (Listing of reunification locations.) Be aware that we will generally not move students from one campus to another. 

    All Deer Valley schools have developed comprehensive plans which have been reviewed by local police and fire officials, as well as the district's insurance carrier. In addition, campuses hold regular fire and lockdown drills and have completed tabletop crisis drills with emergency experts.

    If you have questions about emergency procedures in our schools, please contact the Safe School Department at 623-445-4951. This number is available from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each working day. If there is a safe school issue at any other time, please call the Answer Now Line at 602-787-3974.

    To report information regarding threats, rumors, criminal activity, etc. you can call the Safe School Department as above, or call the Anonymous Safe School Hotline at 623-376-3262.