We are looking forward to our return to campus!

    Please note: M,T,W (9/21-9/23) will be online for every specials areas class. There will be no Zoom over these three days. 

    *GP's new rotation for specials will begin Thursday, 9/24. 

    *As we return to campus, your child must have a set of their own art supplies to bring back and forth to our art class each day.

    You can find that list here... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qBM6_6bUplFSBV5FZ_qI_UzYlBDHyjGV/view?usp=sharing 

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    Please feel free to contact Lauren Tiedeman at lauren.mackeda@dvusd.org or by phone at 623-445- 7438. Thank you!