• Canyon Springs is a proud STEM Academy,
    however that does not mean we forget about the...
     arts    and  humanities
     We may be focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math, but we know the big picture is important to all of our students. STEM fields may be the focus of the future, but reading, writing, history, and humanities are still vital to not only meeting all of our students' needs but also important for any career path they choose. Below are just some of the things Canyon Springs is doing to make sure the arts are not left out of our STEM Academy.
     CS Offers:
     Some of our 
    Field Trips:
    ELA (Reading) Classes -
    Flexible Ability Grouping for reading
    in grades 1st-3rd
    Departmentalized reading classes in
    grades 4th-6th
    SAGE English Language Arts Enrichment
    for qualified gifted students in grades 3-6
    ELA & Social Studies
    Advanced Placement in grades 7th & 8th
    A Full Time Reading Specialist 
     Programs & Activities -
     School Plays / Musicals
    After school clubs
    Daily Specials Classes
    (Art, Music, P.E. - K-8)
    (Band - 5-8)
    (Middle School Elective Classes 7&8)
    Pizza Hut Book It & Peter Piper Pizza Reading Rewards Programs
    Razz Kids Reading Program grades K-2 
    Heritage Festival  
    American Heritage Festival