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     Registration Documents


    Power Schools Electronic Course Request

    Pilot for 2014-2015 Freshman


    November 5, 2014


    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:


    Welcome to the electronic course request pilot for the 15-16 school year with Deer Valley Unified School District! This is an exciting opportunity for current freshman to pave the way for future classes. Students will transition to online course selection and management in preparation for post-secondary education.

    DVUSD supports the move toward increased student choice in their education and to allow students and parents/guardians to take ownership and accountability in the student’s course selection and in the 4-year planning process.

    The online registration window will be open from November 17- December 4, 2014

    Counselors will meet with freshman classes to complete a guidance registration unit. This unit will include information on credit requirements and course sequencing. Students will go on to AZCIS (https://azcis.intocareers.org) and input their course choices on their four year plan. Directions will be provided to pilot students so that they can complete their course requests at home.

    Thank you for joining us in DVUSD’s first electronic course request opportunity!



    BCHS Counseling Department



    Electronic Course Request

    Frequently Asked Question


    What is Electronic Course Request?

    Current DVUSD freshmen will select courses for their sophomore year by going online and accessing their Powerschools account.  Students and families are encouraged to go to the student’s AzCIS account (https://azcis.intocareers.org) to review the student’s 4-year plan to guide the course selection process.  The Academic Planning Guide contains course descriptions and other information that may assist students and families (http://dvusd.schoolwires.net//site/Default.aspx?PageID=1578)


    Why is the Deer Valley Unified School District supporting the Electronic Course Requests for students?

    DVUSD is supporting an electronic course request process in order to provide students and parents/guardians with more ownership and control of the registration process to encourage conversations among students and their parents/guardians about academic goals, and to prepare students for online course registration when they reach college.


    What students are involved with Electronic Course Requests?

    This year is a pilot year, so only current DVUSD 9th graders will take part in this opportunity. Eighth grade students who will be registering for high school as well as current 10th and 11th grade students will select courses for next year using the previous registration process.


    When will Electronic Course Requests take place?

    Electronic course requests will take place from November 17- December 4, 2014


    What if our family doesn’t have computer access?

    Electronic course requests can be completed on mobile devices such as cell phones. Each high school campus and the district office has computers available for student and parent/guardian use.  Public libraries and apartment complexes are other options to consider.


    How do students prepare for course selection? (APG)

    Students should be sure their 4-year plan is updated on their AzCIS account.  Students may also want to consult with their teachers if they are considering honors, AP, or IB level courses. Students who are auditioning for placement in higher levels of band or dance will select the lower level.  Teachers will adjust the student’s level once auditions are complete.


    What is the process?

    Go to ps.dvusd.org.  Login into Powerschools using your username and password.  Click on “Class Registration” located in the navigation bar on the left.  Click on the pencil icon for each subject area to select courses. Once all courses are selected, click on the “submit” button.


    Can students make changes to course selections?

    Students may make changes to course selections until Deember 4th.  After that date, the school’s master schedule and staffing will be determined, so further changes are very limited and usually only considered for health reasons, credit recovery, eliminate duplicate credits, or computer errors.  Students will need to consult with your school guidance counselor for these situations.  It is very important that students make thoughtful decisions when selecting their courses.


    Why do student need to select alternate elective courses?

    Due to scheduling issues, the electives a student selects may not work. In these cases, one of the electives a student has chosen as an alternate may be used.  Alternate electives should be selected thoughtfully.


    Are the courses students request guaranteed?

    In some cases, a student may not get the courses he/she requests.  Reasons for not getting a requested course can include:  student needs to retake a course instead of a requested course, student has already taken and passed the requested course, student has not met the prerequisites, the course is full, the course is canceled, or the course is not aligned with a student’s IEP or 504 plan.


    What if I have more questions?

    Please go to the school’s website or contact the school guidance office at:

    BCHS  623.445.8616