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     I will update the classroom page as news occurs about new classroom events or updated curriculum information, so please visit often.
    Apple   Looking Forward to a Fabulous School Year! 
    I am excited to work with you throughout this school year. The Special Education Team is looking forward to the fourth quarter of the school year as we work together to create a community of learners. We will build relationships with one another by engaging in team-building activities that help us find others in the class who have similar likes and interests, as well as learn from others who may teach us about their different likes and interests.
    I believe in forming a community in our classroom that is respectful, engaging to all students, and promotes a safe learning environment in which all students are expected to participate in their education at a high level. 
    I plan fun and engaging activities and love to have students create unique projects that allow students to participate in the lesson in a mode of learning that is unique to each student. Please look for these sorts of activities throughout the year. (Previous projects involved researching famous Arizonans and giving a presentation, created posters about ourselves, planted seeds for Earth Day, and made crafts from recycled materials.)
    Thank you for your continued support in your child's academic career. I am so grateful to be a part of it!
    Ms. Sara Rodriguez