• Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)
    The mission of the Village Meadows PBIS Team is to create a positive school environment by providing students and teachers with proactive strategies through the use of a school-wide system and class discussions.
    The foundation for our PBIS Program is our school rules: Keep Sailing Village Meadows: Safe, Engage,  Accountable, and Self-Control.  Staff members frequently recognize students for following our school-wide procedure and expectations. Students are given Viking Voucher tickets which they fill out for a chance at classroom rewards and also school-wide grade level drawings every Friday.
     Each day, every classroom also participates in a PBIS Class Discussion. This 15 minute discussion focuses on a designated topic and includes a quote, video or activity. This is vital in creating a positive environment not only in each classroom but school-wide. Examples of topics include: Anti-Bullying, Goal Setting, Determination, Friendship, Caring, Respect, Pay It Forward, Invisible Gifts, Problem Solving, Character, etc. Please ask your child each week about their Class Discussion.
    You will find many of our PBIS documents that we use at Village Meadows in the PBIS Files.