• It is another great year at Norterra Canyon!  2022-2023

    New News: 

    AED InstallNorterra Canyon has received a new Automatic External Difibrillator that will be installed in the gym and could be used to save someone's life. Last year, Sharon Johnson, a teacher in special services, organized a cardiac screening to be done by the Anthony Bates Foundation. There were a couple hundred people that turned out to receive cardiac screenings and some that, as a result, received life-saving evaluations. For participation and fund raising, Norterra Canyon was gifted a brand new ZOLL Semi-Automatic AED, storage cabinet, and practice equipment. Each year, there are young athletes, students, and adults, who suffer a cardiac event as a result of an undiagnosed heart issue. Sharon Bates has dedicated her efforts to helping schools to get the equipment needed to possibly save a life after having lost her athlete son, Anthony Bates, to a cardiac event. We are so grateful for the generous donation and while we are hoping that it never needs to get used, it is comforting to know that we have it available if we do. Norterra has another AED in the administration office in case of an emergency. If you would like to know more about Sharon's story, schedule a cardiac screening at your location, or see how you can help, please click on The Anthony Bates Foundation


    Nurse: Jennifer Van Gysel, RN, BSN 

    Hello Pirate families! I am so happy to be at Norterra Canyon as the school nurse. As part of the crew, it is my goal to help students stay as healthy as possible while they learn and grow as individuals and navigate the world around them. As a mom of 5 buccaneers of my own, 1 still at Boulder Creek High School, I am well aware of the challenges students face today and the team effort it takes to help them be successful. Know that when your student comes to the health office for assistance, I will do my best to treat your child, then encourage them to persevere as students. As parents, you may have questions or concerns regarding your child's health. You are always welcome to call me and I will try to help in any way I can.           

    My Contact Information is:

    Health Center Phone: 623-445-8211

    Voicemail Phone: 623-445-8210

    Health Office Fax: 623-445-8280

    Email: Jennifer.VanGysel@dvusd.org

     Friendly Reminders: 

    NO medication, either over-the-counter or prescribed, is to be in a student's possession while on campus without prior notification and approval from the health office, a written, signed prescription from the physician for prescription medications and parents bringing the medication in and signing the Medication Administration Record (MAR). There are no stock medications available from the health office, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Parents must bring in a supply in the original packaging, it will get labeled with the students name, and a MAR must be signed. I am happy to help with this process. 

    Vaccinations are being verified and notification will be sent out to parents if the student is found to be overdue to receive any. All students are required to be up-to-date on vaccinations per the state of AZ and upon notification, you have 2 weeks to schedule an appointment to have them given, then need to provide proof of administration to the health office. If there is ever an issue, or you wish to file an exemption, you may reach out to me at 623-445-8211 or email.  Jennifer.VanGysel@dvusd.org 



    NOTE TO PARENTS WHO's CHILD WILL BE 11 SOON!  .......consider scheduling an appointment for them to receive their Tdap and Meningococcal vaccines. These are mandatory for students, but be sure to have them given on or after the actual 11th birthday, or your clinician may not give the Meningococcal vaccine and you will have to make another appointment. DVUSD is having an immunization clinic  August 26th, 2022 in the Constitution Elementary School Gymnasium for district students. The clinic will be conducted from 3-7 p.m. Please go on the district website for further information. 


             Trouble With Getting Insurance? Finding Insurance? Affording Insurance?  List of Dental/Medical Service Providers     Help may be a phone call away! If you or someone you know is having financial and/or insurance issues, click on the link to see a list of dental and medical service providers that may be able to help so health and wellness is not neglected.

    Find Help Phoenix: Find Free and almost-free support in Maricopa County:  Housing, utilities, mental health, addictions, food, clothing, health care, dental, parenting, legal, and more.  FINDHELPPPHX.ORG                   

     Every day we have a choice...a choice to do the best we can that day and a choice to believe that others are doing the best that they can. Let's believe the best in each other, and in turn, bring out the best in each other.     - J. Van Gysel, RN