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    Arizona's Academic Standards Assessment (AASA)

    AASA is the statewide achievement test for Arizona students in Grades 3-8.  All Arizona public school students in Grades 3 - 8 will take the grade level AASA assessments in English Language Arts, Writing and Mathematics.

    During the month of February, all 3rd-6th grade students will take the AASA Writing Stand Alone Field Test (SAFT).

    Throughout the month of April, Legend Springs students in grades 3-6 will participate in the statewide achievement test AASA (formerly known as AzMERIT) in the areas of ELA Reading and Math and Operational Writing. 5th grade students will be taking the AzSCI (Arizona's Science Test). 3rd grade students will participate in an Oral Reading Fluency Assessment.

    To help ensure that your child is fully prepared for the spring assessments, we have provided some helpful tips:

    • Schedule any appointments outside the testing window.  Once a student has started an assessment, the testing session cannot be interrupted and students cannot be signed out!  Schedule appointments on days your child is NOT tested.

    • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before each testing session.

    • Ensure your child eats a healthy breakfast with protein and carbohydrates at home or at school (cafeteria breakfast) so their brain is “fed” and ready to work!

    • Make sure your child is healthy and ready to test. Make-up testing dates are available in case of medical emergencies, COVID-19 exposure, and/or other illnesses.

    To read more detailed information on how DVUSD will handle AASA testing, click here.  
    To learn more about the AASA test, how to help your child prepare and even see some sample tests, visit the AASA Test Portal on the Arizona Department of Education website.