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    On November 2014 the Arizona State Board of Education adopted a new statewide assessment, AzMERIT, for Arizona students. Throughout the month of April, all the 3rd-6th grade students at Village Meadows will be taking the ELA Reading, Writing and Math tests from AzMERIT. The Arizona Science Standards did not change, so students in 4th grade will still take the AIMS Science test. 
    To read the parent letter regarding the AzMERIT test from Dr. Gayle Galligan, DVUSD Assoc. Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, click here. 
    To read more detailed information in how DVUSD will handle AzMERIT testing, click here.  
    To learn more about the AzMERIT test, how to help your child prepare and even see some sample tests, visit the AzMERIT Test Portal on the Arizona Department of Education website.   
    Click on the picture/video below to learn more about AzMerit
     Watch a Video on AzMerit
    Since the AzMERIT will be completely administered online, we will be setting up different computer labs at Village Meadows and each grade level will be assigned different days for take each of the tests. It is critical that every child is at school and prepared to take their tests on their assigned days.