• Welcome to the Health Center

    The Mission of the School Nurse is to ensure that students learn and practice healthy habits to advance their well being, academic success, and lifelong achievement.


    School Nurse

    Hello, I am Christine Wetzel the School Nurse at Sonoran Foothills in Phoenix, AZ.  I have over 18 years of experience as a Registered Nurse serving the community in various nursing roles.  I consider it an honor to serve the staff, student and parents at Sonoran Foothills and encourage you to let me know any information that will help me provide the best care possible for your student. The Health Center is located in the Administration Building next to the main office.  Please feel free to email me at christine.wetzel@dvusd.org or call 623-445-8410.



    The Health Center provides on-campus health screenings, assessment, and education as well as first aid and nursing care for student and staff.  The Health office is NOT a primary care facility or urgent care. 

    By Law, the nurse is not allowed to make a medical diagnosis or prescibe treetment.  That includes medications.  You must provide all medications you want your child to have to me in the ORIGINAL containers and have a signed administration slip.  When accidents or illness occur during the school hours, basic first aid and/or emergency care will be given according to AZ State Board of Nursing standards and practices.  The nurse may suggest further medical follow up in certain circumstances.  Further care is the responsibility of the parent.  Keeping students healthy, happy and ready to learn must be a cooperative effort between teachers, the school nurse, student and parent/guardian.  The school nurse is the consultant for students concerning health problems which may interfere with your child's learning.  Please feel free to discuss any medical/social issues that may hinder this learning process. 


    What hurts

    When should the student stay home? 

    If a student feels ill during the school day, they should report their complaint to the classroom teacher for referral to the nurse.  Students are not to contact their parents directly via cell phone regardless of illness, unless prior arrangements have been made with the nurse.  Please keep your child home if they have a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, deep cough or a potential communicable disease.  Children with a fever of 100 degrees or more must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications before returning to school.  

    If your child has been diagnosed with a contagious illness, please contact the Health Center so parent of other students in the class can be notified.  Please call your child's doctor for advice on an ill child.  Do not send ill student to school to be evaluated by the nurse.







    Parents are required to complete an Emergency/Medical information sheet for each of their children EVERY year. This form contains information regarding who is to be contacted if your child becomes ill or is injured at school.  Students will released ONLY to those people you have indicated as responsible parties on the student's Emergency Medical information form if they become ill or injured and must leave school.  A note or telephone call is not sufficient to release a child to any person not on this form.  List any health problems, including allergies and sensitivities to food, medicine or insect bites that your child may have. Please keep the health office informed of any new health issues that may develop or any changes in routine medications, even when not administered at school.


    Please contact the office 623-445-8400 and nurse at 623-445-8410, if your address or telephone number at home or work changes during the school year.  Reminder:  It is your responsibility to update all pertinent information to the school.