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  • Welcome to 3rd Grade!


    Third grade is a wonderful year of transition between primary grades and intermediate grades.  Here are a few pieces of information centered around our studies for the year!  In Science the main focus is Light, Sound, Plants, Ecology, and the S.T.E.M. process.  For Social Studies we focus on World Geography, Ancient Greece and Rome, Early Exploration of North America, The Thirteen Colonies, government and citizenship, The Civil War, and modern America. In the subject of Math Multiplication/Division meanings and fact fluency, Area, Fractions, Time, Measurement, Perimeter, Geometry, Addition/Subtraction, and Rounding are of high importance.  For ELA, we take time reading at grade level fluency (123 words per minute), reading for meaning, using text as a basis for answers, vocabulary, word study and phonics, grammar, and writing well organized multiple paragraph essays (using correct spelling and grammar) that use evidence/ideas from the text and elaboration to address a prompt.  It will be a fantastic year in third grade!


    Third Grade Teachers