•  7th Grade- Mrs. Eastburn

    Welcome to the wondeful world of 7th Grade Social Studies 

     Greetings all~~I hope you are well and navigating this new moment in our history. 
    Please see the Summer Challenge for Humanities!
    This is an opportunity for you to get a headstart
    on your first Project for Quarter 1

    You may e-mail me at anytime: kate.eastburn@dvusd.org
     Please do not hesitate to contact me~~I hope the very best for you and yours!
    ~~We can complain that roses have thorns,
    or we can rejoyce that thorns have roses~~
     "Please remember that any percentages in Powerschool are not indictors of current levels of achievement.  Please check the 'Snapshot' grade for current levels of achievement prior to the release of quarterly report cards."