• Welcome

    I am excited to begin a new school year at Diamond Canyon!  Second grade is full of many great and engaging activities that will help your students achieve at their greatest potential.  Throughout the year we will be broadening our knowledge in many various areas such as math, reading, science and social studies.  As we continue throughout each unit we will be participating in various large group, small group, partner and individual work that best suits the task at hand.  It is my hope that I am able to not only increase your students knowledge in the classroom, but also their knowledge on the world and how to be a good and caring citizen.  I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and your families and getting this year off to a great start!


    2021-2022 Curriculum Night Recording

  • Daily Schedule                                              Specials                                                       

    8:45-10:00 Math                                                              Day 1: Music

    10:10-11:00 Lunch/Recess                                             Day 2: PE

    11:00-12:10 Science/Social Studies                               Day 3: Mandarin

    12:15-1:00 Specials                                                          Day 4: Art

    1:00-2:05 Reading                                                           Day 5: Music

    2:05-2:35 Reading Stations

    2:35-2:50 Snack/Recess

    2:50-3:15 Writing

    3:15-3:30 Clean Up/Pack Up/Dismissal