• Greetings Bobcat Families!

    It is great to be back. I want to thank everyone for all your positive thoughts, emails, texts, and prayers during my absence. The support really helped me through a tough time and I greatly appreciated everything! I also want to thank Mrs. Sharon Matt, Mrs. Billie Walmer and Mr. Timothy Yates for filling in for me during my absence.

    The AzM2, (Arizona Merit Exam) will be given to all of our students in grades 3-8 during the month of April. This is a statewide assessment for your child. The areas of reading and math will be emphasized during this AzM2 testing period. In addition, the AIMS Science Test is administered to our fourth and eighth-grade students. The testing period for AIMS will be March 23rd-April 3rd. The testing period for the AzM2 will be March 30th--April 24th.

    Attendance is very important during these testing periods. If possible, please try to schedule appointments after school hours throughout the month of April.  We will not have any early release Fridays in the month of April. Our testing committee will try to schedule the testing periods in the mornings and limit students to one or two tests per day. We really want to limit all interruptions to the classrooms during this time as well. We will post signs throughout our campus with marked areas of “testing zones,” “quiet areas,” etc.

    Please try to make sure your child has a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast to help them during the testing periods. If you have any questions regarding the AzM2 or AIMS testing schedule please reach out to your child’s teacher. Together we can make this an excellent learning experience for your child.

    Thank you for your continued help and partnership to make our school so very special!


    Dennis Chartier