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    7th grades can be a challenging and exciting time for students, parents, and staff.  The teacher websites may be helpful communication for parents and students about the middle school environment. The purpose of Paseo Hills Middle School is to give students the skills they will need to meet 6th, 7th and 8th grade standards and be successful in high school.

    Rattlers Rock PBIS

    It is the belief of Paseo Hills Middle School Staff that 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are ready to assume responsibility for their behavior. Thus, they will participate in our Rattlers ROCK! Program. ROCK stands for: Rattlers show Respect, Own responsibility, and Care through Kindness.


    It is the goal of Paseo Hills to provide all students with behavioral expectations that are clearly defined, taught and reinforced, to encourage positive relationships and exemplary citizenship. Our student discipline data shows that students are being sent to the office for defiance/disrespect and minor aggressive acts. When that happens, they are not learning, and this interferes with the learning of others. We need to help all of our students to be successful academically and behaviorally. When students struggle with reading—we teach.  When students struggle with math or music—we teach.  When students struggle with behavior we need to teach them how to succeed.

    Student Conduct, Procedures, and Expectations

    • Bathroom Passes/Hall Passes
    • Walking in Lines/Stay off the grass
    • Respect the Learning Environment
    • Off and Away with cell phones
    • No Gum or Energy Drinks on Campus
    • No skateboards/scooters on campus
    • Retake contracts/Student Work forms.
    • Dress Code and Hats off indoors
    • Appropriate use of technology
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  • 7th Grade Supply List

    Posted by Nicholle Apuan on 8/1/2016



    1-set of 5 highlighters

    3- colored pens (red/blue/green)

    1- pack of lined paper

    5- spiral notebooks (1 subject)

    1- set of white board markers

    2- glue sticks

    1- personal pencil sharpener



    1- scissor

    1-personal ear buds

    1-flash drive





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