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     Our Physical Education philosophy is to help students understand the importance of being physically fit and physically active to promote lifelong health. 

    With Covid-19 going on, here is some new weekly helpful information that you may use in your home:

    Hello Paseo Hills Parents,

    You may enjoy this quote:
    "Respect your parents; they passed school without Google."

    Our motto for this week:

    I can see things from many different points of view.

    When a student understands that their perspective can change the way they experience life, they have been given a powerful gift. It took my son way too long, but he finally decided that homework doesn't have to be a punishment. What a difference this shift in perspective made for him.

    There is always another way to look at every situation. For example, how students "see" homework will vary:
    • Homework is horrible.
    • Homework is a "have to."
    • Homework is helpful.

    We are always choosing a perspective; however, we are not always conscious of the choices we make. Students often just "do" their homework and rarely (if ever) take the time to determine how they "see" homework and the bigger implications that may have in their life. After all, if they get into the habit of "seeing" homework as punishment, they are setting themselves up for years of future punishment.

    "If you don't like something change it;
    if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."
    -Mary Engelbreit

    When we believe homework is helpful, our experience of homework is far more rewarding than when we believe homework is a waste of our time.
    But how do we help our students perceive homework as helpful?

    Share with your kids that you understand that they may not believe homework is helpful because they may feel like they will not need this information in their future. However, the skills they practice during their homework, such as perseverance, follow-through, and grit, will absolutely help them in the future. Skills cannot simply be summed up when needed; they must be strengthened and developed over time.

    A sixth-grade student cracked me up when he shared:
    "I used to think All Things E.Q was just trying to make me like the things I hate, but then I realized I like hating things less."

    I told him it worked for me too because I enjoy my mornings now, and I used to hate them! Changing our perspective is not easy, and it does not happen all at once, but it is possible, and that's good news.
    Our perspective is a powerful force that we control.
    The trick is to remember that we have that control.

    Here are resources you can use at home that support this week's motto:
    Have a good week and be well,

    Danna Evans
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