• Welcome to 4th Grade - Home Learning



    Hello, Paseo Hill's Parents,

    Wishing you health and patience as you continue to hold down the home front!

    Our motto this week is:

    I look for solutions, not blame.

    The bullet points below are the different weekly resources you can use to discuss the motto at home with your kids. If you missed the introduction video from last week, it's available here in Link #1. The second link, we call it Link #2 (we're pretty creative around here) are videos you can show your kids that discuss this week's motto. Link #3 has instructions for the family meeting I discussed in the video above, and if the video above isn't playing (there have been bandwidth issues), you have the instructions in link #3.

    Link #1: If you missed last week, here is the introduction video!
    Link #2: Videos for Your Students About This Week's Motto: I look for solutions, not blame.
    Link #3: Family Meeting Instructions

    Here are the weekly resources:

    Finally, please don't feel overwhelmed by these options. These are simply here for support and not to add another "have to" to your already very full plate. Hopefully, you can enjoy the activities and conversations they create at home.

    Wishing you and your family well,

    Danna Evans
    All Things E.Q.