• Mrs. King's World History Honors & AP Human Geography

    Samuel Clemens

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    Freshmen - CLICK HERE to see what World History Honors is about and to determine if it's the right choice for you!

    2022-2023 Teaching Schedule
    1: World History Honors
    2: Prep
    3: World History Honors
    4: World History Honors (+Gifted)
    5: Lunch
    6: World History Honors
    7: AP Human Geography (+Gifted)
    Office hours include AcaPrep with additional times posted weekly. Students are always welcome to schedule a time individually. 
    Please come prepared each day with:
    - Your charged, school issued iPad
    - A stylus pen (for handwriting on an iPad)
    - Pens/pencils, highlighters, paper
    Contact Info
    Voicemail (not checked regularly): (623) 376-3212
    Room: C212