Welcome to Mrs. Kujan's Second Grade Class!!

     Nov. 15th - Fun Run and Full Friday - No early dismissal

    Nov. 18th - 22nd - Spirit Week

    Monday, Nov. 18th - "Dress Your Best" Impress your classmates by strutting your finest duds.

    Tuesday, Nov. 19th - "Twinning Day" Pick a friend (or more) to be twins with for the day.

    Wednesday, Nov. 20th - "Decade Day" Don't be a square! Time to get groovy, cool, radical, bananas and dress from a former decade.

    Thursday, Nov., 21st - "Sports Day" Support your favorite baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc. team by wearing their jersey or colors .... *Cough* ROLL TIDE!! *Cough*

    Friday, Nov. 22nd - "Grade Level Spirit" show your grade level pride by wearing the following colors: 8th - blue, 7th - white, 6th - red, 5th - purple, 4th - green, 3rd - yellow, 2nd - pink, 1st - orange, K - Gray

    Nov. 21st - Thanksgiving Feast - 11:10 for Second Graders 

    Nov. 22nd - 90 minute early release

    Nov. 25th - Making Indian Fry Bread in the classroom

    Nov. 27th - 29th - Thanksgiving Break - No School

    Dec. 2nd - November Book-it Clocks Due 


       Would you like to donate supplies and/or books to our classroom?  Check out our wishlist tab for our current wants.