•    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year with Mrs. Bremser!  


    The Algebra 3-4 classes are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and are rigorous approaches to formal mathematics concepts such as polynomial operations, linear equations, and the quadratic equation, as well as the study of statistics and geometry from an algebraic perspective.  Emphasis is placed on studying Algebra in context through problem solving and real-life applications.  If you would like to see the complete syllabus please click below:
                         Algebra 3-4 Syllabus
     Class Schedule  
     Period  Class Name
     1st PREP
     2nd  Algebra 3-4 Applications
     3rd Algebra 3-4 
     4th Algebra 3-4 
     5th LUNCH
     6th Algebra 3-4
     7th  Algebra 3-4
    In an effort to go as  paperless as possible, we will be using technology to enhance our learning.  I will be actively using and updating my Canvas website this year, so please make sure you sign on as an observer for your child!  :)
                                                        Click Here