• Mrs. Delleree's Biology Class

    Mrs. Delleree  My name is Victoria Delleree. Biology is my passion and I love animals.


    Course Description:  This course introduces students to major themes of biology, the study of life.  The focus of this course is to incite interest, questions, and appreciation of biology, expanding students with the knowledge of the living world, in and around us.  At the end of this course, students will have been provided with the necessary skills to problem solve, reason, and think critically in everyday situations, in and out of a scientific community.

    Topics that will be covered

    • Cells
    • Levels of organization
    • Genetics
    • Evolution
    • Ecology
    • Environmental Science

     My schedule:

    1. Biology


    3. Prep

    4. Forensic Science

    5. Lunch

    6. Biolgoy

    7. Biology


    Office Hours:

     Office hours are posted weekly in classroom.