•  Mrs. Verlei

    ELA 8, ADV ELA 7

    Room 304


    We will be following our normal bell schedule, and students are expected to login to Zoom for every class period. Zoom links and passwords for my classes can be found at the top of the weekly module in Canvas.

    Here is the daily schedule:
    1st Period: 8:45-9:46
    2nd Period: 9:49-10:42
    DSS: 10:45-11:16
    4th Period & Lunch: 11:16-12:46
    5th Period: 12:49-1:42
    6th Period: 1:45-2:36
    7th Period: 2:39-3:30

    STUDENTS: This is your reminder to CHARGE YOUR CHROMEBOOKS!! :)

    Tech Resources: Here are some resources for you--including if your family needs assistance with WiFi:

    Wifi for Short Term Virtual LearningConnecting home wifi instructions
    ◦Chromebooks: https://url.dvusd.org/52bc5d61
    ◦iPads: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202639
    Cox Connect2Compete
    ◦Form: https://www.cox.com/residential/internet/connect2compete.html
    Hotspots available if family is waiting for Cox Connect2Compete or cannot get Cox service in their area
    ◦Form: https://url.dvusd.org/WifiAssistance
    All DVUSD sites have Wifi access in the parking lots
    Check the school's website for information on food distribution, etc.


    On October 14 all students will be checked out a chrome book and a charge cord


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