4th Grade News

  • Is Friday 90 Minute Early Release, Yes or No?  See below!

    Friday April 16, 23 are all FULL days of school.

    Friday, April 30 is 90 minute early release at 1:30.

    AZM2 Testing Dates are as follows

    Tuesday, April 13 and 14 - Reading

    Tuesday, April 20 and 21 - Math

    Specials are at the regular time, first thing in the morning.

    Please make sure that your student has headphones to listen to the test.  

    All students need a chapter book to read after their test is completed.


This Week in Math

  • Module 4- Geometry

    Weekly Standards 4 MD 5 & 6:  

    • Topics of the week-Recognize angles as geometric shapes that are formed wherever two rays share a common endpoint, and understand concepts of angle measurement. Measure angles using a protractor.
    • The projected lessons for the week are 5,6,7 & 8.
    • Friday -Redo for Module 4, Geometry, Topic A  (Turn in corrections to homeroom teacher)
    • Draw points, lines, line segments, rays, angles (right, acute, obtuse), and perpendicular and parallel lines. Identify these in two-dimensional figures.
    • multiplication Practice- please review for  10 minutes nightly

    Updated-Week of April 12

This Week in Language Arts

  • ELA Writing

    Module 9

    • READ this sentence: Understanding our world helps us protect it.

      THINK about an endangered plant or animal.

      WRITE a research report about that plant or animal. Conduct research, provide facts and details, and explain why the plant or animal should be protected.


    ELA Reading

    In this module, students will listen to, read, and view a variety of texts and media that present them with information about conservation.

    A genre focus on persuasive text provides students with opportunities to identify ideas and support, text and graphic features, and author’s craft in order to better understand unfamiliar texts. Students will also encounter a graphic novel, realistic fiction, and a biography to build knowledge across genres.

    As students build their vocabulary and synthesize topic knowledge, they will learn that it is up to all of us to work together to preserve our planet and its natural resources

    Updated for April 8-23.


This Week in Social Studies

  • Over the next several weeks, we will be learning about Arizona's journey from territory to statehood, important people in that transition, and the modern Arizona government.

    All submit assignments will be for a PowerSchool grade (1-3 per week).

    Updated 4/11

This Week in Science

  • The following might be pushed to next week, we will see how the schedule goes this week.

    ❓ Weekly Essential Question(s)

    What are magnets?

    What things stick or do not stick to magnets?

    What is a magnetic force?

    📑 Weekly Standard(s)

     Develop and use a model to demonstrate how a system transfers energy from one object to another even when the objects are not touching.

    Updated for the week of April 12.

Graded Work Information

  • A few notes about assignments and tests...

    The first is that assignments will only be open for 3 weeks from the due date. Assignments will not reopen for late submission or resubmission after the 3 week mark.

    The second is a reminder of test retake policies. See Writing and Social Studies for updates.

    Tests can ONLY be taken at school under teacher supervision. They will not be open for the students to access at home or after school hours.

    1. Tests will NOT have an automatic second try.
    2. Test retakes are available when a corrective, re-learning assignment is completed. This will be different for each subject and the redo assignment will be provided when requested by the student.
    3. The re-take will be a different version of the assessment, but will cover the same standards. The second version will often be more complex to show mastery and not simply the reciting of correct answers on the previous assessment.
    4. There are NO RETAKES on spelling tests.

    Math Retake Policy:

    Students may have one retake on any graded quiz, except a final, but the questions will all be different so they can show mastery. In order to take the redo, students will need to correct all their errors on the scratch paper used to take the test. They should be taking this home in their “take home folder” after the test. Corrections should include:

    1. Writing a sentence explaining where they made the mistake and how to solve it correctly next time.
    2. Then list the correct answer for the problem missed.

    This work will have to be turned in to Mrs. Kozubal first, before a retake will be made available.

     Reading Retake Policy:

    Students may have one retake on any graded quiz, except final and district assessments. To retake a test or quiz students will need to do the following on a piece of lined paper:

    1. Explain why the answer they selected was incorrect.
    2. Determine the correct answer.
    3. Explain why it is the correct response, using text evidence when appropriate.

    Once this is submitted to Mrs. Graddy, the new version of the assessment will be made available. Please note that it will be a different assessment covering the same standards. The higher of the 2 grades will be used as the score for that assessment.

    Writing Retake Policy:

    There are no retakes on quick writes or on-demand prompts.

    Science Retake Policy

    Students may have one retake on any quiz or test. Students must first access their first attempt and see which questions they missed. They will then research the correct answers by re-watching any videos from previous lessons or by bringing up any other assignments they used to learn the concepts. Students then need to provide a paper with the concept explained in about 1 or two sentences. After this paper is submitted to Mr. Cohon, the retake will be made available to the student.

    Social Studies Retake Policy

    Social Studies projects are taken as an assessment grade and can be resubmitted once after the original grade is given. Comprehension quizzes have one attempt and there are no retakes.


Contact Info

  • Office hours are 8:00AM - 4:00PM, please email outside those times.  
    Google Voice numbers are for duing Virtual Learning and accept text messages.  
    Mr. Cohon
    Science & Writing
    Classroom Phone: 623-445-7658
    Google Voice:  480-744-7390
    Email:  alex.cohon@dvusd.org
    Mrs. Kozubal
    Math & Writing
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7657
    Google Voice Phone:  317-953-3536
    Email:  debbie.kozubal@dvusd.org
    Ms. Miyagawa
    Social Studies & Writing
    Phone:  623-445-7660
    Google Voice:  602-888-1207
    Email:  cece.miyagawa@dvusd.org
    Mrs. Graddy
    Reading & Writing
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7659    
    Email:  kierstin.graddy@dvusd.org


Mission Statement

  • We the Students of Terramar’s 4th Grade, in Order to form a more proper Classroom Environment to establish Hard Workers, promote Self Confidence and Good Behaviors and secure Respect to everyone at school, do ordain and establish this Mission Statement for the 4th Grade Classes of Terramar Academy of the Arts.



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