📰4th Grade News 📰

  • Friday, January 21th, Early Release at 1:30.

    Zoom Office Hours 

    Please see Contact Info for Zoom Office hours that you can join via your students Chromebook.  Just have them go into Canvas and go to the top of the Modules for the Zoom links.

    Chromebook Reminder:  

    • Please make sure your Chromebook is charged.  Best would be to plug them in after school and then put it back into the backpack before bed.
    • All students need headphones for personal classroom use.  Please make sure your student has a pair.


🤝PLC News🏫

  • Math/Science -The math and science PLC team met Friday, January 14th. The group discussed the grading process for the standards based grading model and the creation of new tests using that format. Celebrations were that we are continuing to be on the same pacing. The Module 5 Mid Assessment was completed. Since multiple select questions are the most challenging type of test question, the common assessments that were created use multiple select question type for several of the upcoming fraction standards. This will give the students a practice with this challenging question type. Data and small group progress were shared. 


    Reading/Writing - The PLC team met on Friday, December 10th.  Reading celebrations are that there was great growth on the Reading Inventory from all classes.  Team curriculum talk was discussing wrapping up Module 5 so we are ready to start Module 6 when we return after break.   We discussed different strategies for teaching progression 2.  Progression 3 was created for after break.  We also discussed the language in the progressions to make sure we are addressing the standard.  



➕➖This Week in Math✖️➗

  • Module 5- Fractions

    The projected lessons for the week are:26, 27, 28 & 30.

    Retakes for Topic C are available. 




    Weekly Essential Questions:

    1. How is estimation helpful when adding and subtracting fractions?
    2. How are models used to show how fractional parts are combined or separated?



    Weekly Standard(s) Covered:


    Understand a fraction a/b with a > 1 as a sum of unit fractions (1/b). 

    c. Add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators (e.g., by using properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction and/or by replacing each mixed number with an equivalent fraction).


    Updated for the week of January 19th

✍️This Week in Language Arts📖

  • Week of January 10th

    Annotation Logs Homework 

    Students will read for their 20 minutes Monday - Thursday, nightly.  They will select 1 question per day, no repeating the questions throughout the week.  They should use their best handwriting and write their answers to the questions in a complete sentence using R.A.C.E. (restate the question, answer the question, cite the text, and explain their answer).  

    • RL.1/RI.1: Fiction/Non-Fiction: Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.
    • RL.2/RI.2: Fiction/Non-Fiction: Determine the theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text/Deteremine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key detilas; summarize the text.  

    Amplify:  If students do not get onto Amplify for at least 15 minutes within Reading, Writing, or Social Studies classes they must do at least 15 minutes nightly at home.



    Module 6: Cycle 1: Days 4 - 6

    • Phonic Skills/Spelling & Handwriting: /k/, /ng/, /kw/
    • Build Background Knowledge/Big Idea Vocabulary: scenic, landscape, canyon, landform
    • Critical Vocabulary: trench, summit, thrive, prehistoric, vital, glimpse, submersible, remotely, autonomous   
    • Generative Vocabulary:  Greek Roots | auto, bio, photo, graph, 
    • Comprehension: Text & Graphic Features and Central Idea    
      • STORY:  Natrual Wonders & Mariana Trench 

    Module 6: Cycle 2: Days 1 - 2 

    • Phonic Skill/Spelling & Handwriting: /j/ & /s/
    • Critical Vocabulary: eternal, organic, intriguing ~ diverse, idle, core, fathom, wrath, collision
      • Vocabulary Skill: Reference Resources
    • Comprehension: Text structure (cause & effect) & Ideas and Support/Ask & Answer Questions


    READ the following sentence:  Earth's natural wonders can teach us a great deal.

    THINK about wildlife that you are interested in and how can you learn more about conservation of that animal.  

      • Writing Mode:  Correspondence    
      • Writing Form:  Letter 
      • Focal Text: Coral Reefs   
      • Focus Statement:  How can Endangerment of animals can teach us a great deal.
      • Writing Prompt: Write a letter to an expert in that field of study asking for more information.  Use formal language and show that you already have some knowledge on your topic. 
        • Be sure to: Clearly state your opinion, support your opinion with reasons, facts, and examples, use persuasive language, and use correct spelling, capitalizatio, punctuation, grammar, and sentences. 

🗺️This Week in Social Studies🏛️

  • Essential Questions for the week of January 10:

      • What were successes and challenges of explorers travelling to the west?
      • What were successes and challenges of the Natives in the "new" lands?
      • What is the importance of Christopher Columbus's journey?
      • What were the effects of Spanish explorers in the New World?


    This week students will...

    • Read Unit 3 Lesson 3  Age of Exploration.  Students will learn about Christopher Columbus' journey to the new world and his interactions with the native americans he met. Students will then complete a timeline of the events in the lesson.
    • Watch a video about De Soto's adventure in the new world & complete a bubble map describing his journey.
    •  Write about how the Spanish's perspective of this new discovery differs from the native americans' perspective and why.
    • Complete cause & effect statements about Columbus' discovery.
    • define True Self and Other People's Opinions and the effects of OPOs on ourselves.


    AZCCR Standards:

    • 4.H2.2 Analyze the different approaches used by the Spanish in their interactions with American Indians.
    • SP2.1 Explain why individuals and groups during the same historical period differed in their perspectives on issues and events .
    • SP4.1 Explain probably cause and effects of events.


    Updated for Week of Jan 10

🌊This Week in Science🌊

  • We begin our unit on Water!

    Essential Questions:

    How much water do you use?

    Where do clouds come from?


    Standards covered fort Quarter 3:

    4.E1U1.8 - Collect, analyze, and interpret data to explain weather and climate patterns.

    4.E1U3.9 - Construct and support an evidence-based argument about the availability of water and its impact on life.

    4.E1U2.10 - Define problem(s) and design solution(s) to minimize the effects of natural hazards.


    Updated for the week of Jan. 18.

Contact Info

  • Class Hours are 8:00AM - 3:00PM, please email outside those times.  If leaving a message on our classroom phone, please give us time to check the message and respond. 
    Zoom Office Hours are accessed through the student's Canvas Modules.
    Thank you!
    Mr. Cohon
    Science & Math
    Classroom Phone: 623-445-7658
    Email:  alex.cohon@dvusd.org
    Zoom Office Hours: 
    Monday @ 12:00-12:15
    Friday @ 7:45-8:00
    Mrs. Hudson
    ELA & Social Studies
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7659    
    Email:  tina.hudson@dvusd.org
    Zoom Office Hours:  
    Monday @ 12:00-12:15
    Thursday @ 3:20-3:35
    Mrs. Kozubal
    Math & Science
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7657
    Email:  debbie.kozubal@dvusd.org
    Zoom Office Hours:
    Tuesday @ 12:00-12:15
    Thursday @ 7:45-8:00
    Mrs. Neiman
    ELA & Social Studies
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7660
    Email:  chris.neiman@dvusd.org
    Zoom Office Hours:  
    Tuesday @ 7:45-8:00
    Thursday @ 12:00-12:15


Mission Statement

  • We the Students of Terramar’s 4th Grade, in Order to form a more proper Classroom Environment to establish Hard Workers, promote Self Confidence and Good Behaviors and secure Respect to everyone at school, do ordain and establish this Mission Statement for the 4th Grade Classes of Terramar Academy of the Arts.



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