Limiting Interruptions of Learning


    We understand mornings can be hectic, and we want every student to have what they need during the day.  However, the office staff has been directed not to interrupt classrooms for items (lunches, folders, homework, water bottles, instruments, etc.) brought in after school has started. 


    What we can/will do:

    ·         Office will email the teacher that the item is in the office.

    ·         Administration will instruct teachers to check their email before the class goes to lunch.

    ·         Teachers will routinely remind students of the procedure to come check in the office for forgotten items.

    ·         Cafeteria will feed any child without a lunch a ham sandwich, fruit and a milk.

    ·         The school is equipped with drinking fountains to keep students hydrated.

    ·         Any items left at the end of the day will be taken to the classrooms with any “going-home” messages.


    What you can do:

    ·         Know that the learning in the classroom should not be interrupted.

    ·         Understand that parents are not permitted to deliver items to the classroom.

    ·         Set up a lunch account your child can use in case they forget their lunch.

    ·         Set up a system of responsibility for your child before they leave the house (and/or before they get out of the car) to make sure they have everything they need.

    ·         Sign the items in at the front desk, put their name on it, so when the teacher sends them up they can easily find their item.

    ·         Keep your child’s “going home” routine the same, to limit the office having to deliver messages at the end of the day that may confuse him/her.



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