• Animals/Pets

    On occasion, students may wish to bring animals or pets to school as part of a school project. Permission must first be obtained from the administration, via the teacher, before any animal can be brought to school. Allergies may prohibit animal visitations on campus. The teacher will instruct the child to make arrangements for the parent to deliver the animal or pet to the classroom and to take it home immediately after the showing. If you are bringing the animal at the end of the day, please exit the classroom after the campus has cleared. Animals are to be properly restrained or in proper containers. All shots must be up-to-date. Parents are to assume all liabilities for any injuries, mess or damage, which may occur. Pets are not allowed on campus without prior permission from the principal, including the fields, parking lot and campus walkways at any time.  Service animals are the exception.

    For the safety of our students, stray dogs that find their way on campus will be turned over to the animal shelter if the owner cannot be located. Please caution your children not to encourage any animal to follow them to school.

    No animals, insects, reptiles, etc. may be carried on a school district bus. Please do not bring any animals before, during or after school when visiting the campus unless special permission is arranged through the administration.